Terms and Conditions
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  3. Accessing our site via a proxy is not allowed, we recommend sticking to a permanent home network.
  4. There are no limits to the amount of referrals you can have, and you earn 50% of the points they earn.
  5. Multiple Accounts are allowed, friends and family can share a computer/network to access their independent accounts.
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  9. Using false information or connectivity to complete offers is not allowed.
  10. All payments will be made via PayPal and users are responsible for fees. Payments are for digital goods (advertising) and are final.
  11. Only one payment can be pending at a time.
  12. Payments are sent out at our discretion, our goal is within 48 hours.
  13. The mimimum payout is $1.00
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    Any action after that is to be handled by the payment processor's support. 
    PayPal may block payments to limited accounts or those in a certain region.
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