Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum Cash Out?

The minimum cash out is $1.00 and will remain that for all cash outs.  We do not increase it for subsequent cash outs like other sites and unfortunately we can not set it lower because people will then abuse the system.

How much do I earn from referrals, and what is the limit?

For every user that joins under your referral link you will earn 50% of everything they earn. Unlike most sites there are no limits to the amount of referrals you can have or earnings you can aqcuire. There are also no silly memberships or upgrades, no investing or risks to trick you into thinking you can earn more.

I am from India, or a country that can't receive PayPal Mass Payments, can I still use this site?

Yes you can. If your country does not allow you to recieve mass payments via PayPal, we can still send you the money manually as payment for service. Go to the forum and under Manual Payments make a request when you have $1 or more. Keep in mind you are responsible for PayPals fees.